Hunter taking his shot closeup of antlers Great memories are made on hunts Good tents a set of antlers a set of antlers bear was a good hunt a set of anlters from a guided hunt a family holding antlers from a guided ranch hunt a doe wainting for the hunt another successful hunt in the rocky mountains The view from a hunting blind with rifle ready


River’s Bend Outfitters specializes in providing successful Guided and Drop Camp hunt experiences. This remote and unspoiled territory is rich in wildlife and is a perfect place for sportsmen seeking elk, deer, or bear. Nestled deep in the mountains are nine camps that range in elevation from 8,000 to 11,000 feet above sea level and are accessible only by horseback. We use approximately 45 horses during the various seasons, to get our hunters in and out efficiently and to handle their gear. All our camps are by permit, through the USDA Forest Service in Rio Blanco County, CO.