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The archery and muzzle-loader seasons come alive in September with the sound of bull elk bugling, as the rut is in full swing. These hunts begin by traveling into the Flat Top Wilderness Area on horseback. Archery deer and elk seasons can be accommodated by drop camp or guided buck and bull hunts. (Calling the elk in for the archery hunters is Tel’s specialty.)

There are four rifle seasons, from October through the middle of November. Season dates and lengths vary from year to year.

NOTE: For those born after Jan 1,1949, a hunter safety card is required to obtain any Colorado License.

If you need lodging in Meeker before or after the hunt, please call Blue Spruce Inn 970-878-0777 or The Meeker Hotel 970-878-5255 .

The Flat Tops Wilderness Area is rich with elk. Archery season, muzzleloader season, and first rifle season are all lottery drawing. Also all deer licenses are on a drawing. The applications for the licenses can be obtained from DOW at their web site ( or their phone number is 303-297-1192.

Applications for the drawing seasons have a deadline and that date is by April 1, 2018.

As a reminder! Hunters Safety Card is required in the State of Colorado to purchase a hunting license for those born after January 1, 1949. Also the units and area that we will be hunting are in areas 24 (Wilderness) and 25 (Ranch). Topo maps that you will need are the Buford and Oyster Lake quads.

Season Dates 2019

Archery .................. August 31 - September 29
Muzzleloader .................. September 14 - 22

Rifle 1st season .......... October 12 - 16
2nd season .......... October 19 - 27
3rd season .......... November 2 - 12
4th season .......... November 13 - 17

Prices for 2019

* Military Discount - 5% off with proof of ID *

Guided Archery and Muzzleloader $4,750 per person
Drop Camp Archery $2,000 per person
Guided Rifle (Private Ranch) $4,750 per person
Guided Rifle (Wilderness) $4,750 per person
Drop Camp Rifle (Wilderness)
4 or more Hunters
$2,000 per person
Drop Camp Rifle (Wilderness)
3 Hunters
$2,200 per person
Summer Guided Pack Trips $350 per night